During the exploitation shoes is subjected harmful influences of external and internal environment (water, dirt, mechanical damage and damp feet). This adversely affecting its condition and shortens the life. To shoes longer lifetime and had a good appearance, it need to care RIGHT. Even the most reliable shoes quickly lose its quality, if not to provide competent care and maintenance. The daily shoe care includes cleaning shoes from dirt and stains, drying, impregnation, cleaning, giving shoe shine, or a refreshing color. Shoes must be used according to the season and by appointment.
Task of tools care for shoes – protect the natural skin from the harmful effects of the environment, preserve its elasticity and appearance.
Any product made of leather, you can store and retrieve at home with the help of a professional shoe cosmetics.

Products for shoes “Blyskavka” that are based on natural products, will help you to always keep shoes clean.

The choice of shoes
Keeping of shoes
Shoe care during use
Recommendations for shoes drying
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Shoes cleaning
Recommendations for cleaning shoes
“Recipes” shoes cleaning
Colored shoes
Renew colour
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Caring for the sole
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