Sponge for foot wear with a batcher

Sponge for foot wear with a batcher
Sponge for care of foot wear made of sleek leather. The reservoir with silicone allows repeatedly to enlarge the term of using the sponge.
Sponge “Classic” and “Mini.”


Sponge with flecked silicone impregnation for foot wear. It cleans the leather of foot wear from dirt and dust Thanks to flecked impregnation the term of work of the sponge larges in 1,5-2 times.

Sponge for shammy foot wear.


Sponge for care of shammy, velour, nubuckfoot wear. It takes away dirt and refreshes the leather. Classic form and mini size.

Silicone for refueling sponge.


High-quality silicone for refueling sponge. It has antistatic qualities allowing to use it for treatment of a car panel with or without a batcher.